15+ years of experience applying health information technology...

The following summarizes our experience and the capabilities we offer.

Connect your electronic health record information assets

Our experience and capabilities include connecting EHRs and ancillary systems to create integrated systems and processes using

  • HL7 CDA and CCD standards for health information exchange of clinical documents across organizations
  • HL7 V2 for inbound and outbound data interfaces between electronic health records and ancillary systems
  • DICOM digital medical image integration to improve workflow
  • Custom integration with electronic health records to enable web and mobile applications

Health Care Applications

Our experience and capabilities include development of health care applications for large health care organizations with strict security and compliance requirements.

  • Development of web and mobile health care applications for medical providers
  • Development of patient portal applications
  • Development of health care operational and administrative applications and dashboards

Enterprise Security and HIPAA compliance

Our experience and capabilities include development of operational tools and systems to support security governance and compliance.

  • Development of operational tools to support enterprise security governance and HIPAA compliance monitoring
  • Integration with enterprise directory and implementation of single sign-on to enable one username/password for users across the organization
  • Development of user provisioning and role based access control for large health systems
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